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Stroke Care

Adjusting to life after a stroke can be challenging, and at Trent Home Care, we understand the emotional and physical difficulties that may arise. Our dedicated staff team is experienced in providing practical, emotional, and social support to help you or your loved one regain independence and enjoy a fulfilling life.

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Supporting Life After Stroke with Trent Home Care

Each year, approximately 150,000 people in the UK experience a stroke, with 75% of cases affecting individuals over the age of 65. Family history, diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure can increase the risk of stroke. Every person's experience with stroke is unique, which is why we take the time to understand what is important to you, your personal needs, and preferences. Together, we create a personalized homecare and support plan that helps you achieve specific goals and live life on your terms. With Trent Home Care, you remain in control, and we respect your home and choices.

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Our comprehensive services include:

1. Support with Rehabilitation: We encourage and assist you in relearning skills and finding new ways to manage daily living tasks.

2. A Good Morning Start: Our caregivers provide help with washing, dressing, and having breakfast to begin your day positively.

3. Meaningful Activities: We support your engagement in activities that are essential to you, such as spending time with friends and family or going for walks.

4. Practical Home Help: From housework to shopping and laundry, our caregivers offer practical assistance around your home.

5. Medication Support: We ensure you take your medications correctly and maintain a readily available supply.


6. Nutritious Meals: Our caregivers prepare nutritious meals and provide the support you need to eat and drink well, reducing the risk of further strokes.

7. Nighttime Comfort: We offer a nighttime call to help you settle comfortably in bed.

8. 24-Hour Homecare: Whether you need short-term respite for your carers or long-term live-in care, we have you covered.

Understanding Stroke and Providing Support to Stay Well

A stroke can be caused by a ruptured blood vessel or a blood clot that blocks blood flow to the brain. The effects of a stroke vary depending on the location and extent of brain cell damage. Some individuals may experience aphasia, affecting communication skills like speaking, reading, and writing. Our fully trained homecare staff employ various communication methods to help you express your needs effectively.

Loss of bladder or bowel control is common after a stroke, and our staff ensures to provide personal care with utmost dignity and reassurance. We acknowledge the normal responses to the trauma of a stroke, such as depression, anger, and emotional changes, and support you and your family through patience and attentive listening.

Physical effects like weakness, paralysis, and extreme fatigue can be challenging, but our high-quality homecare services offer practical help to alleviate their impact. At Trent Home Care, we are committed to providing compassionate and comprehensive support, helping you or your loved one live life to the fullest after a stroke.

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